A Zimbabwean donkey named Lucky part 10 – Back leg is healing

It was a long and difficult path to our village and my friend and I stopped every few minutes to rest. Her eyes, which were usually so bright and happy, were dulled by pain, and blood from the gnash on her nose caked her neck and chest. I couldn’t feel my hoof at all, but I could sure feel the stabbing pains that shot up my leg.  

Back at our village both my friend and I were put in my pen while my owner ran off in search of someone to help him treat our snare wounds. He returned with my friend’s owner and together they gently washed her nose. She started to feel a bit better, until they put salt into the wound to kill germs. Tears rolled down her face.

By now many people had gathered to see what had happened to us. A couple of them took hold of my head and neck and twisted it round so I fell onto my side with a thud. Two large men then sat on me while my owner used a large pair of wire cutters to slowly remove the wire from my leg. It was agony at first, but as the blood started to flow back into my hoof it stopped hurting. My hoof was another matter – I thought it was going to explode!

I struggled to get up but couldn’t get the person that was sitting on my head off! I forced myself to relax and listened to my owner talking. He was saying how lucky I was the wire hadn’t cut through anything important and that with rest my leg would heal. I felt relieved, though it still hurt like hell, especially when he washed it with a cloth soaked in salt water.

For several day after that my owner changed the dressing on my wound twice a day, and my friend stayed with me till her nose healed. I was glad of her company, and we would spend our days talking about our lives, and what we would do when we were healed. I realised just how adventurous my life had been so far, and how lucky I was to have the owner I have.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about some of these adventures. These blogs will take a pause for a while as the kind man and lady who helped me at the beginning are putting them into a book! Fancy that – a book about me! A donkey from Zimbabwe!

I am sure I will have many more stories to share with you soon.

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