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Let the donkeys be heard, they are our heritage. We owe it to the donkeys to help preserve their health and well being.

Voice of a Donkey

“Helping people to help donkey’s to help people”

We are committed to improving the welfare of donkeys in rural Zimbabwe.

We select champions in different areas to educate them how to look after donkeys through our balanced primary veterinary care:

  • balanced care for hooves, supplying the necessary tools to provide this service.
  • Primary school education aimed at encouraging empathy for all animals.
  • Treat wounds, advise on nutrition, float and balance donkeys teeth enabling them to
    absorb the optimum nutrition from what they eat.
  • Give out reflective neck bands, enabling motorists a better visual of donkeys at night.
  • Supply mineral lick blocks to pregnant and lactating mares, enabling the foal to get
    sufficient minerals for bone and growth development.


Kate White-spunner was a donkey welfare advisor with the Irish Donkey Sanctuary for 15 years, before deciding to come home to Zimbabwe and help the donkeys. She loves teaching and helping people to understand the importance of caring for their donkey.

Will Venter is a farrier, equine dentist and riding instructor, prefers working on donkeys than horses, the donkey is so forgiving and trusting. You don’t make the money but the reward of just seeing the appreciation in the donkey’s eye.
Working together we make a strong team, we seek more people to bring awareness to help the donkeys throughout the world.

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What People Say

I am constantly amazed that you can work with a donkey that has known nothing but beating, pain and abuse for years and yet gain it’s trust in minutes, they have an amazing capacity to recognise when someone is actually on their side, even when they have never met such a being before!

Chris Garrett

The trust these unfortunate donkeys have in you, Will and Katie, is so obvious.

Jackie Murry

Oh my God! Poor donkey! You guys are awesome. Would have surely died without your help

Lynda Barron


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