Welcome to our world

Life is lived mostly on the road for us. Travelling through the heart of the African bush in our truck and sleeping beneath the wide, starlit sky.

We drive in this truck

and sleep here, next to boxes of salt licks for the donkeys and our equipment for doing their teeth and feet.

Our days are spent providing care to as many donkeys as possible. These two are having their teeth rasped and the amazing thing is – they have never had this done before, yet they are standing in trust with no halters.

Having their teeth done is also vital. Many of the donkeys have never had their teeth done, and have ill-fitting bits which hurt their mouths. This guy had a rotten tooth and was in so much pain he could not even graze properly.

The donkeys wear ill-fitting tack, homemade bits, and struggle onwards. One of the key aspects of our work here is educating the locals on how they can provide the care themselves. More on that in the next post!

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